OPEN for business!

Hello Friends,

SEK Guns and Ammo Trader South East KansasThe SEK Guns and Ammo Trader site is open for business.  Please start posting your firearms, hunting, fishing and survivalist items now!  While the site is only about 2 days old, we have 58 members and with your help we will grow fast (please share the heck out of this)!  Remember, the gun trader groups on Facebook are facing the possibility of being deleted by Facebook due to their new policy of not allowing person to person gun sales.  While I am not saying you should stop using Facebook groups (while they last), I am suggesting that if you are in Kansas, you should join the site and use it as well.  That way, if or when Facebook cracks down and either starts deleting groups or posts that run afoul of their absurd policy, you will continue to have a place to buy, sell and trade your firearms!

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