Make Money and Save Money with Save10
Tired of struggling to make ends meet? We all want a better situation for ourselves and our family. That’s why I am using the save10 App. With it I am saving money AND making money. Do you want to save 10% at over 200,000 stores nation wide? This program sells itself because everyone loves saving money! It’s like having a gazillion coupons right in the palm of your hand! – Wayne Campbell

Skip the pitch, take me straight to the program!

Umm..  What is SAVE10, anyways?  Watch these 2 very short videos to find out!

Ok, but how do I MAKE MONEY?


Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to help people save money, and GET PAID TO DO IT! This is a MLM opportunity and it is a 4×8 (or 4×9 if you sign up as a “Director”) forced matrix, that pays you $1 for every associate or director in your downline. If you do the math, that’s over $87,000 per month potential (in the associate 4×8 plan).
Additional Details:

1. All Associates are personally sponsored.

2. The company is at that perfect age, proving that it is absolutely viable, yet young enough that there is still room for millions of associates to come on board.

3. The product is a subscription service, that provides members access to exclusive discounts (10% or greater) at hundreds of thousands of merchants around the country. These are actual Brick and Mortar locations as well as online merchants.

4. Access to the discount is granted by a Smart Phone APP. Think of it, it’s like having gazillions of coupons right on your phone that you don’t have to clip! And the phone tells you all the locations that are signed up, based on your location. You can also do customized searches. For instance, if you are planning a trip, you can use the app to find cool discounts along the entire route! Even in Advance!

5. To redeem, just show the app and the offer at the register!

6. Full back office access as well as your own branded site, to make signing up associates or customers a breeze!

This opportunity is awesome because:

a. It’s easy. There are no complicated rules!

b. It’s easy! The compensation plan is easy to understand and there are no hidden gotcha’s.

c. Did I mention it’s easy? It may seem weird to sell access to discounts, but when it’s so easy to save way more then you spend on the subscription, it’s a no-brainer.


OK, I am ready!  Take me straight to the program!

Still need More info?

If you are not yet convinced and you have a few more minutes, watch this video of our CEO explaining just how the Associates program works!

If you want more info about the compensation plan, please watch this short 5 minute video.

Folks, these videos and several more are available at my associates web site.  My Name is Wayne Campbell and I would like to mentor you, as an associate, in the save10 program.  If you have a desire to make money, save money and help other people save money, in a very easy and fun way, then please make your way over to

Be sure to check out all the other videos and resources at my site.  Oh, Don’t forget the FAQ page.  Many questions are answered there.

You may contact me directly by joining my Prospect Group on Facebook if you need more personalized information before joining.  If you join my team now, my contact info will be in your back office.

Thank you and Happy Saving!

Wayne Campbell
Join the DreamTeam!

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