New Look.. New Day..

Hello all,

SEK Trader has had an overhaul. Visually, the site is less “busy” which should make it a bit easier to use. I’ve had some people complain that the site is hard to understand. It’s really pretty easy, folks. First, register.. If you are a facebook user, then just connect using the facebook button. Or register the old fashioned way by clicking the link below the facebook button. When you are logged in, there will be a black bar across the top of the page and on the right side it will say “Howdy, “your name” and the Login button will disappear.

To access the ads, just click “View G&A Classifieds” on the right or top of the page. Your other options are to “Post an Ad” or “Manage you Ads” if you have already posted them.

If you are “viewing” ads and you don’t see any thumbnails, it because there are not any ads currently posted. Ads become disabled after 45 days if they are not updated.

The only way we can make this site valuable is to use it and post items for sale. Please spread the word and start selling!


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