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buy CBD oil online questions

Questions you should ask, before you buy a CBD Product.

Does the Company do third party testing and are they willing to share the results? If the company you are investigating does NOT do third party testing or if them providing you the results of the testing is like pulling teeth, you should beware. These tests are designed to list contaminants, solvents and cannabinoid content. Brands…
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Next Big Thing!

This video is from Jenna Zwagil, one of the founders of Hempworx and My Daily Choice. In this video she is teasing the next big thing that will fall under the MDC umbrella of companies. It sounds like it’s going to be big! If you join Hempworx / MDC NOW you will be pre-positioned to…
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Oil vs water

Oil Soluble Vs. Water Soluble CBD Oil

This is so very important please read if you are taking CBD or interested in learning about its health benefits!Ever wonder what “Water Soluble” means? 🤔 It sounds really good right? Let’s talk purity, ingredients, and why water soluble is NOT good! 😔All CBD has a standard rate of absorption due to the way it’s…
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Momma's Little Helper

Momma’s little helper

Children.. We love them.. We want the best for them. We teach them right from wrong and spend our lives in the pursuit of giving them a better life then we have. And what do they do? They expend every effort to kill our sanity! They will make 1000’s of bad decisions, destroy our homes…
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Does CBD oil help MS?

I see this question daily.. Does CBD oil help MS? Well, from all accounts I have seen, yes it does. CBD oil from Hemp is well known to help many neurological conditions including MS.  While there is very little in the way of actual research due to the government draconian treatment of anything even related…
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Does CBD oil help with Erectile Dysfunction?

Does CBD help with Erectile Dysfunction (ED)

Does CBD help with Erectile Dysfunction (ED) and other sexual concerns? Erectile Dysfunction is an extremely common affliction among men of all ages. It is caused by weakened blood flow and tissue damage. More often than not, this is caused by Dioxins and other chemical toxins in our food and environment. Dioxins and glyphosates run…
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Full Spectrum CBD VS. Isolate CBD

If you have wanted to try CBD Oil, you should use the FULL SPECTRUM, if you can. Do you know the difference between Isolate and Full Spectrum?? 🌿👇CBD isolate is purified cannabidiol (CBD) without any other chemical components of hemp.Usually purity is a good thing, but in this case, purified CBD is missing all of…
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Hempworx CBD in the NEWS!

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Hempworx CBD Oils and serving sizes.

So a little education on Hempworx CBD Oils and serving sizes. Each bottle of Hempworx CBD contains 1000 drops of CBD oil. If you are taking the 750mg then each drop contains .75mg of CBD. If you are taking the 500, each drop contains .5mg of CBD. Knowing this gives you incredible granular control over…
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The HACK – How to get started selling Hempworx with very little money

The HACK – How to get started selling Hempworx with very little money (the following article is for those people who THIRST to indulge their entrepreneurial spirit and desire to achieve success even in the face of financial hardship) Hello all, So probably the most common question I receive is how do I start this…
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